We at the GMBA encourage safe and responsible riding. Guernsey has several areas where we can ride including the shared use coastal path, various green lanes and trails.
There are some areas where we are forbidden from riding and if we are to expect to be given access to these areas in future then we should demonstrate our responsibility and respect any signs  that prohibit riding in those areas. We will be putting a proposal to the Environment department for several areas of shared use access around the island and any illegal riding could damage our chances of getting our proposal heard.

for mountain bike riders on paths and trails

Please read the guidelines and rider Ettiquette below and do your best to follow them. These are not "rules" just good practice.

  • Always give way to pedestrians on paths. We get irate when motorists don't respect us, pedestrians feel the same way.

  • Be polite!

  • If a walker lets you pass them, thank them, it's not hard.

  • Stick to the path, one of the mistaken beliefs is that MTB riders create erosion, if we stick to the path then this can't be used against us.

  • Tire tracks are more visible than footprints, remember this in relation to sticking to the path!

  • Be polite (it's worth mentioning twice)

  • Ride through puddles if going around them means going off the path, you won't cause any damage to the path, but you could damage the soft ground either side of the puddle and make it harder for walkers to get around the puddle.

  • Don't skid

  • If a walker or other trail user tells you that you are not meant to be there, guess what, be polite and thank them for letting you know.

  • Don't get into an argument with anybody about whether or not you should be using a path. You won't win and you'll only give them the impression you are an "abusive mountain biker"

  • If you come up behind a walker who hasn't heard you, a friendly good morning or good afternoon is a much friendlier way of letting them know you are there than ringing your bell!

  • If you can't ride down steps them walk down them, don't go around them.

  • Take everything with you, don't leave anything behind Have fun!

Guidelines and Rider Ettiquette 

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