About GMBA



Who's Involved?


The GMBA has been put together by the following:

  • Mark Smith

  • Dan Thwaite

  • Gary Wallbridge

  • Mark Naftel

  • Nick Barton


The GMBA has been formed by a group of trail users in Guernsey including mountain bikers and runners.  We wish to promote the safe, responsible and sustainable use of Guernsey's limited resources. 


We actively encourage the shared use principle and believe that with sensible well thought out guidelines, a dedicated program of trail and path maintenance and an association of like minded individuals who are prepared to help that sections of Guernsey's cliff paths could be made accessible to mountain bikers at various times of the year.


 The GMBA also follows the principles and guidelines of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and whilst we are not a pressure group we do advocate making more public space available for mountain biking and as such will be liaising with the Environment Dept and Parish Constables to achieve our aims.


We also strongly believe that all States of Guernsey departments should be encouraging bicycle riding in all of its forms as a way promoting healthy activity, reducing the number of car journeys made and alleviating the current traffic problems in Guernsey.


Join us!

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